The Power Of Blogging/Best Strategies To Get Traffic

The Power Of Blogging/Best Strategies To Get Traffic
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The Sticky Factor


Are you ready to know The Power Of Blogging/Best Strategies To Get Traffic?  If you want to convert visitors into leads you ultimately need to get sticky.  In publishing, the “sticky factor” is a term used when a book hits high in the rankings and remains there long after the initial launch.

When a book becomes sticky, it continues to generate money long after the first wave of marketing and promotions have ended.  It becomes a passive money-maker while the author focuses on creating other books.

When converting visitors into leads, you want to implement the same mindset: becoming sticky. You want your visitor to enjoy your website so much that they bookmark it so they remember to return to it time and time again.


When you become sticky, you will need to put half as much effort into marketing your website because those you have already introduced to your brand will come back regularly.

Becoming sticky also means you will immediately increase your income. Those repeat customers will start to read more of your content, respond to your offers, and buy your products (or products you sell through affiliate marketing).

So, how do you become sticky?

You need to give visitors a reason to return to your blog!

You know the importance of quality information, right? Your blog can’t just rehash the same thing that dozens of other blogs are talking about. You need to put a fresh spin on currently hot topics so that you are providing a different perspective, something new; something unique – a reason for them to read your content and return for more.

This begins with crafting the best content machines possible. If you’re an experienced writer, this is easy for you. Just review the top 10 blogs in your market, paying close attention to the blog posts that receive the most feedback and interaction from visitors’ and then create similar content for your blog.

Well that is all for today, soon i will be posting part two of: The Power Of Blogging/Best Strategies To Get Traffic.

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