The Power Of Blogging/Best Strategies To Get Traffic 2

The Power Of BloggingBest Strategies To Get Traffic 2
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Pillar content.

The Power Of Bloging/Best Strategies To Get Traffic 2; This is the continuation of my last post so keep a close atention because this is getting very interesting. Pillar content is what essentially holds your blog together.

It forms a strong foundation (just as the term implies) that encourages visitor interaction through comments and feedback, but also through sharing.  These are the kind of articles and content that go viral. People just can’t help themselves – they want to share it with everyone they know.

If you aren’t a proficient writer you can easily outsource this to qualified professionals on sites like at affordable rates. Be sure to ask for 3-4 samples of writing on topics in your niche before hiring someone to make sure their voice and style matches your brand and fits your audience

Aim for 5 hot pieces of content, to start.  Then, build from there. These 5 articles (or videos, Infographics or other content formats) will form your pillar/foundation.

If you do your job of creating killer content that will appeal to majority of your audience, you’ll be that much closer to becoming sticky. This will require research!

You need to focus on THE hottest topics in your market such as: answering the burning questions from those in your niche, provide an alternative perspective on a topic or a new way to solve a problem/complete a task.

And unlike getting honey on your fingers, or pancake syrup on your face; this kind of sticky is a good thing. 😉

The Essential Component

In order to convert visitors into leads, you need to first identify your traffic sources and qualify that traffic.

What does this mean?

Too many bloggers are focusing on driving traffic to their website, regardless of the source. In reality, it’s the quality of your traffic that really makes a difference in your ability to convert that traffic into leads.

Think about it: If you are sending a swarm of untargeted, irrelevant traffic to your website that is comprised of people who aren’t interested in the kind of content you are offering, what’s the point? Those people aren’t going to be interested in your content, your recommendations or your products.

You won’t be able to convert this traffic no matter what you do.

So, the key is to start with pinpointing and evaluating your Traffic SourcesYou need to identity the prime avenues of traffic in your market and tap into that targeted network of relevant leads.

For example, if your blog is within the Internet Marketing, entrepreneurship, or self-starter’s business niche, you might find qualified traffic from related business forums where new business owners and marketers go for help in getting started.

If your blog is focused on clean eating, LCHF, weight loss or fitness, you will likely find a strong source of traffic in self-improvement communities, social media sites searching for relevant keywords (#weightloss #lchf), and again, forums. (Forums are truly an incredible source of quality traffic in any niche because it’s basically a community of prospects hanging out, looking for and sharing very specific information).

By identifying premium traffic sources that you can funnel into your blog, you have cut your work in half. No longer are you trying to convert unknown traffic into leads.

Instead, you already have identified that the majority of your traffic is coming from relevant sources, leaving you free to put your time and energy into providing exceptional value that will push those leads into becoming customers.

Drive In Even More Traffic.

This also comes down to knowing your audience.  When you keep a pulse on your market, you will not only know exactly what your prospects are looking for and most interested in, but you’ll also stay up to date with current trends and hot topics that you can feature on your blog in order to drive in even more traffic.

In the next chapter, I’ll show you a few fast and easy strategies that will help you flood your blog with highly-targeted traffic that will convert.

Well that is all for today, soon i will be posting part tree of: The Power Of Blogging/Best Strategies To Get Traffic.

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