The Best Traffic Generation Sources To Build A List

The Best Traffic Generation Sources To Build A List
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One of the most common problem that internet marketers and affiliate marketers has, is the lak of traffic.

I Am going to show you some traffic generation sources that you can use to build a list of subscribers or drive some visitors to your websites.

Drive Traffic By Viewing Ads

Am about to show you the eight best traffic sources that you need to have real and qualified traffic that you are looking for.

This sources are called PTC web sites; a PTC is a platform where you pay for promote your capture pages or your website links and on the other side you have people being paid to view this ads.

So you can drive traffic to your website by viewing ads.

The PTC’s are the cheapest way to get traffic, even the Gurus are using then because there are a lot of people clicking for pennies and when they see a good opportunity, they jump on it, or a good product or service.

Meet Neobux

Neobux is the largest and most trusted ptc of then all, with millions of members, we dont know exactly how many but they are thousands of people registering every day, since 2008.

After you register, you have to stay active for 15 days if not your account will be deactivated; after the 15 days of approvation you will be able to buy the Golden Membership to have all the benefits of the PTC.



Meet Traffic MarketPlace

Traffic MarketpPlace is The World’s Leading Traffic Supplier, They can deliver thousands of real visitors to your website quickly and affordably. With prices from just $0.001 per visitor, their prices won’t be beat.



Meet EasyHits4U

EasyHits4U is one o the biggest PTC sites of all times with 1,430,401 members and it’s there sinse 2003.

Get Your Membership HERE
The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Well, for the following PTC’s i just going to poot the name and the banner of each; I will return later to give you mre details about them, but do not worry, you can register on each of them because it’s free and then after that you can take a loock.

Meet is like a PTC but it works with Bitcoins, i mean Satoshis and you have to download an app with Google. It is easy, you just follow the steps and that’s all. is a Gold mine, you have good conversions on almost all your ads; You need to buy at least 7,000 views it will cost you les than 3 $ us in Satoshis. - Free bitcoin, bitcoin advertising, ptc

Well!, for now i will let you with this four, tomorrow i will come with four more exiting PTC an BTC.

Hope your like this review, if your have any question about This PTC And BTC, leave your comments below, it will be my pleasure to answer it. Thank You, Marino Ruiz.

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