How To Increase Your Sales Using The Social Medias

How To Increase Your Sales Using The Social Medias
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The social medias Business people and entrepreneurs are using this plateforms and some of then knows How To Increase their Sales Using The Social Medias; Thats why i am going to show you How To Increase Your Sales Using The Social Medias.

Most of the people are using the social medias just to have fun, they are so distracted and sticked with it that they are loosing lots of money.

Incresing Your Sales With Twitter,Facebook,Linkedin,Instagram,Whatsap,Pinterest And Reddit.

How to increase your sales with Twitter like: Running engaging contest, doing hashtag campaings, Showcaising your your products the right way, building relationships with influencers.

You can use twitter for ecommerce, the following are a few ways to increase your sales using Twitter: First you have to build interest on your posts or twitts.

Create a hashtag campaing, Engage all the influencers that you can, Do reverse engineer of you competition, targetting relevant users with the best sponsored tweets.

Facebook is a great place to increase the sales of your online business and offline too.

First you have to create a fanpage related to your business, then you need to make at list 10 post the first day, then the second day you made 5 and then, you can post 3 post a day every day.

You can also chek it out for the others fanpages like yours and do reverse engineer, to the ones that has the most of likes.

Boost the post that are getting more results then the others. Craft a sales funnell and start to make money.

Linkedin Is A Gold Mine To Be Mined To Increse the sales Of Your Business.

As it is for Facebook and the most of the others social medias, Linkedin is the same even if is not to have fun like the others, because Linkedin is for business, it is called what they say: B to B: Business to business plateform site.

You have to build a relationship with the conmunity, to get you know, to earn theire trust, to help then and they will help you.

Instagram is the same than Facebook and Twitter, they just there to waiste their time, so you have to get involve in theyr blablabla thing, build relationship so they can see who you are and then they will ask you how this and how that, then you can do your pitch.

Watsap, Pinterest and reddit, are a little different than the other social medias.

Whatsap its only on your cell phone and you get in touch first trough people you know, you get in groups cause people you know invited you or you can be invited in Facebook groups and vice versa.

Again, is the same modus operandum here, you first get let then to know you and the rest is up to you.

For Pinteres is almost the same, the difference is that Pinterest is most like awesome pictures of all kinds, and again, you need to set good relationships with the users and thats it.

I hope you liked this post, stay in touch for more contents. See you later.

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