How To Get Free Traffic From Google/Clever Guizmos Keyword Resercher

How To Get Free Traffic From Google
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So you want to know how to get free traffic from Google? Do You know Clever Guizmos Keyword Resercher?. Well!! i will go directly to the point, because that is what you want!, that i tell you how! exactly? Yes, ok. The only way that you can drive traffic from Google is by creating good, interesting and attractive contents very often.

 An Article A Day

You must create a post, an article a day, every day for about 3 months; At that time you will having at least 100 visits a day and maybe more.

Social Media Activity

Your social media activity is very important, that will help you to get more traffic besides the traffic your getting from Google and others search engines; And the most important thing is that you will making your brand as an expert in your field.

S.E.O: Search Engine Optimisation

S.E.O  means Search Engine Optimisation, is the right way you create your content, with the keywords and others SEO terms, for Google gets interest in your contents and start to putting it in the first 10 page of each search that people made on the net; Your website will rank.

How To Get Free Traffic From Google/Clever Guizmos Keyword Resercher

The Tools For A Good S.E.O

There are many tools to do seo and one of the tools for a good seo that i Clever Guizmos a  keyword and research platform, that is more than a simple tool a Keyword Research Tool With over 450 Million “of very new” search terms ready for you every day.

 Niche Research

A niche research with more than 100.000 evergreen niches to create your own online business and crush the competition with an outstanding reverseengineer analysing your seo competition.

You can also check where you are ranked in searches; with Jaaxy you are in control of you your website’s prosperity.

Domain Names In Instant

It is the quickest and the most powerful way to get up with awesome valuable domains.

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How To Get Free Traffic From Google/Clever Guizmos Keyword Resercher


Hope your like this review, if your have any question about Clever Guizmos, leave your comments below, it will be my pleasure to answer it. Thank You, Marino Ruiz.

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