Review Is a Scam or not Review Is a Scam or not
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Hi, in this post am going to talk about the; In this review i will tell you if it is a scam or if is not.

It is not an income machine, oh no, far from that but it is a well done system that can realy help you if your just starting your online money making journey.

Get The Elite Membreship

Last year a got the freeincomemachine, yes, it is free to get in but everybody just sign up for fre, so you do not make any money until someone upgrades to get the Elite membreship, for all in all if i remember well, i payed less than hundred dollars.

There are a few other shiny offers but they cost more than two hundred dollars and for me, they just like the others scamy systems that says make money on autopilot, there is not a such thing, just if you have a good subscribers list to send then a good product or service.

Take a look at the inside of the freeincomemachine

In the picture below you will take a look at the inside of the Review Is a Scam or not

In the first tab at the top of the page you have your profile information, then you have the tab of income sources, is where you have all the programs and service for wich you will get payed wen the people under you buys one of then.

The promotion tab is where you get your affiliate links and capture pages to promote all over the internet.

List Building, the list building tab, is one of the most important and interesting tab of all; You will learn good stuf on how to buil a list of subscribers.

Your members tab as it says, is where you can see all your referrers and the rest of the tabs, they Questions, edit data and log out.

Take a good look of the Promotion page

The promotion page as you can see above, has the folowing tabs: free ads , a traffic exchange site it is promoted there, is called the million leads for free.

Traffic exchange tab , in here you have some good TES Traffic Exchange Sites and you will learn the best way to get good leads by using this sites. You will fing EasyHits4u and some others that i will not mention cause i dont use then.

Paid traffic, email ads, small text ads, banners and post cards are the other tabs of the promotion page.

Well! in my opiniun, i subgest that you get this free systeme, upgrade it, studi it the most at you can, then, start to improuve what you lerned, but if you allready know how it works but your just sliding here and there without making any money online, you better follow one of my mentors, his name is Russell Brunson.

The Best Mentor Of All Times.

Click the picture below to have more information about the best mentor of all times. Just take a look at the post linking with the photo below and you know why Russell Brunson is the best of the best.

Why Is Russell Brunson The Best Mentor Of All Times.
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