Does Dragon SafeList Worth It-Good Or Bad? Quick Review

Does Dragon SafeList Worth It-Good Or Bad? Quick Review
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What is Dragon SafeList? and Does Dragon SafeList Worth It-Good Or Bad?See this quick review. Dragon Safelist is a website where all the members are agree to receive promotional emails of all kind. The purpose is to build a subscriber’s List, not to sell, as lots of people think. You get credits wen you open and see othe emails that you receive, this credits can you use then to send your capture page or your website link if you want some visits on it. See the screenshot below.

Can i Make Money Using A Safe List?

You may ask yourself: Can i make money using a safe list? and the answer is yes; You can make money by building a subscriber’s list; It is sayd that the money is in the list!! after you have a list of 500 or more of subscribers, you can send then quality products or service by starting to making then to trust you, giving then good advices and tricks to help then to acheave their goals.

The cofounder and owner

George Kosch is one of the owners of this website, that is active sinse more than 8 years ago. The website has Currently 15,647 members. They have two levels of memberships: Free And Founder Lifetime (ONE Time Payment)

The Memberships

Free membership:

– Mail 1x to 500 Every 3 Days
– 30 Credits Per Click
– 10 Second Timer
– 1000 Bonus Credits Per Month
– 10% Commissions On Referral Purchases

Founder Lifetime (ONE Time Payment)  $47 

– Mail 2x to 10000 per Day
– Mail Your Downline For Free
– 100 Credits Per Click
– 3 Second Timer
– 100,000 Bonus Credits Per Month
– 40% Commissions On Referral Purchases – 50% on OTOs
– Schedule Your Mailings

The mailer tab menu is for sending mail, for sent messages, templates, for enter promo code and you can buy solo ads for $5.00

The ads tab is for promoting you banners, Text ads, and to buy credits.

The affiliate tab you have the affiliate toolbox, you can see your commisions, you can see your referrers, and you have a downline builder.

The account tab is for your profile, your downloads and to upgrade.

The membership tab is to see the benefits of having the Founder Lifetime and also for upgrade.

The Pros And The Cons

The pros: 1 You can build a subscribers list by just giving away free information stuff, reports and plugins,2 the Upgrade is a one time payment and you have 100,000 credits a month and you can send emails every 6 hours.

The Cons: 1 Your email is going to receave hundreds of messages a week, even if you can open this messages to gain some credits and see for good promotions stuff, still too much wen you get the upgrade membership. 2 they are just 15,647 members.

My Point Of View

My point of view is that you can use Dragon Safelist if you want to build your list, they have a compensation plan but i dont know if they pay or not, it is the first time i promote this website.


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I hope that this information was helpful, if you have any questions, please let them in the comments, i will be glad to answer then, Thank You Marino Ruiz

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