Sistema Generador De Trafico Con Bitcofarm

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Build your farm, buy animals, collect eggs and Start To Earn Bitcoins Now


1 Day Free Standart Chicken for all new members for the opening!

Meet the Bitcoin laying chickens!

Instant ‘‘ Payments for all members! 
-You get bored to working with thousands of rental referrals at PTC sites? 
-You bored of irregular average clicks? 
-Don’t waste your time with thousands of rental referrals! 
-Just rent ONE chicken instead of hundreds of rental referrals, collect eggs everyday and start to get FIXED INCOME! 
Buy a cow and start to earn extra up to 1.35 in a month!

For Members!

0.02 Minimum Cashout!

Up to 20% Referral Upgrade Bonus!

Unique Farming Concept!

Instant Payments!

For Advertisers!

Cheap Advertising!

Anti-cheat Protection!

100% Unique Visitors!

Progressive Feedbacks!

Make Money Earning Bitcoins With BitcoFarm

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