How to Get Website Traffic With Google Plus+ (PT7)

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How to Get Website Traffic With Google Plus+ (PT7)

In this video, I show you a simple way to get more highly targeted website traffic by connecting your website with Google Plus. This will also help your content get indexed by Google quicker!

One of the best traffic sources?

Initially I completely underestimated the power of Google Plus+

However, after building this YouTube channel, and deciding to give Google + more attention, I now am in love with it.

The benefits of using Google+:

1 – the following you build on Google + is super targeted.
2 – you can get your blog posts, images, and videos indexed SUPER quickly. Because it’s tied directly to google’s servers, you get near instant indexing.
3 – Getting backlinks from a Google property provides significantly trust flow and boosted search engine rankings. This is the main reason I love the G+ platform!

If you have been avoiding this platform in your social media marketing, I suggest you add it to your traffic source suite and see what happens!

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